Christian Herzog
...was born to an
Italian mother and a German father
in Freiburg im Breisgau. Early on he was fascinated by
the magic of the stage. His first big appearance was when he was 12 years
old as a magician with a musical magician routine. Since then his favourite pastimes
have been to compose illusions, presentation ideas and stories. Originally involved as a martial
artist / stunt man and illusionist (mentor for tricks) for a play in Freiburg Theatre, a director discovered his dancing
talent there. After graduating from school, he attended the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama in Hamburg for musicals,
and that, the Iwanson School for Modern, Jazz and Classical Dance in Munich. Before and during his education, he already
contributed to many theatre productions. At the same time, he worked as an illusionist for variety productions and galas.
His hobbies are his career and philosophy.

Vocal Teachers:Gudula Gertzen, Charles Logan,
Stage School Sam Thiel, Jane Ferrel

Drama:Iwanson Schule Bina Schröer, Stage School

Physical Theater:Stage School

Stuntschool:Stuntcrew Babelsberg

Stagefighting:Stage School

Percussion:Iwanson Schule

Fencing:Stage School Arthur Castro

Modern Dance:Stage School Eddy Jackson,
Iwanson Schule Pia Fossdal, Stefanie Erb

Jazzdance:Jorge Vazquez, Iwanson Schule Regine Blum, Volker Michl, Pia Fossdal, Stefanie Erb, Stage School Sonya Rima

Hip Hop:Iwanson Schule, Stage School

Ballet:Iwanson Schule Trudie Campbell, Gudi, Aline Goeppert ,Stage School Pauline Hambelton-Hopf

Floorwork:Andreas Abele

Elocution Vocal Technique:Stage School

Anatomy:Iwanson Schule Souzy Kroflin

Dance Pedagogy / Dance Instructor Education:Iwanson Schule Gabi Würf, Mandolin Motions Einstein Show Academy

Nutrition and Dietary Skills:Iwanson Schule

Musical-/Theatre-History:Stage School

Theatre History:Stage School

Music Theory:Stage School

Vocal Repertoire / Korrepetition:Stage School

Dance History:Iwanson Schule Nina Hümpel

Kung Fu:IMAF DAKO Chandana Muthunayake Shihan (6th Dan)

Karate-Do:IMAF DAKO Chandana Muthunayake Shihan (6th Dan), H. D. Rauscher Policeinstructor (8th Dan) Hanshi, BKB/DKV Michael Kucmic (4th Dan), Rebstein, Karate Kollegium Tobias Warzel (4th Dan)

Arnis, Eskrima, Philipine Stickfighting, Macheten:IMAF DAKO Chairman H. D. Rauscher, Marcus

Tai Chi:IMAF DAKO, Chairman H. D. Rauscher

Bo Long Stick:IMAF DAKO Chandana Muthunayake, Charles Logan (6th Dan), Michael Korbel (15th Dan), Chairman H. D. Rauscher


Sai:IMAF DAKO Chandana Muthunayake

Kick Boxing:IMAF DAKO Huber

Jiu Jutsu, Taekido:IMAF DAKO Polizeitrainer Dr. H. J. Kniebühler (8th Dan),
Michael Faulhaber (4th Dan)

Ninpo Ninjutsu Bujinkan:Michael Korbel (15th Dan), Charles Logan (6th Dan), Stefen Filus Dai Shihan, Sven Hinrichsen (2nd Dan), Robert Erhardt (15th Dan)

Qi Gong:Fritz Oblinger

Kyusho-Jitsu:DKV/BKB/EKA Fritz Oblinger (5th Dan)

Tap Dance:Musical Tap Company Freiburg,
Stage School

Standart and Latin Dance:Dance School Fritz Freiburg

Piano:Hisu, Conservatoire Freiburg

Horse Back Riding:Reitclub99 Freiburg

Hypnotic Shows and Motivational Coaching: Wolfgang Künzel Hypnoseakademie des Hypnose EV Germany

Parcour:FAM e.V. Munich

Acrobatics:Iwanson School, Turnverein Freiburg

Background additionale Biography:
Residential School of the Herz Jesu Priester Kolleg St. Sebastian Stegen, young Firefighter, Acolyte/ Ministri, Boy Scouting, Freiburger Domsingknaben


Musical Performer, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Singer, Illusionist/ Magician with large props, professional Magician, Stuntman, Martial Arts, (Camaraman /technecian, Fire-Breather, Fire-Eater, Balloon modeling, juggling with Torches)

I have been involved in the following stage productions:

“West Side Story”
Theatre Ingolstadt + Specialty-Act/ Guest Performance

Company Dancer “Falko Meets Amadeus” – Tour

„Show ballet“ – Europa Park

„Touch of Venus“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

„Arturo Ui“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

„Pelmeni“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

„Black Rider“ – Mikolastik Freiburger Stadtheater

„Die Zauberflöte“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

„Don Giovanni“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

„Der neue Mieter“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

Choreographer/Dancer/Illusionist in „Hänsel and Gretel“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

„Don Pascuale“ – Freiburger Stadtheater

Puck - „A Midsummer Night's Dream“ – Opernfestspiele

Choreographer – „Variete Variete“ Eric & Andre Entertainment

Illusionist – „Variete Variete“ Eric & Andre Entertainment

Illusionist/Moderator/ MC – „Zaubergala“ Kulturpalast Dresden Eric & Andre Entertainment

Illusionist – Variete Vollmarhaus München
Eric & Andre Entertainment

Dance captain – „Variete Variete“
Eric & Andre Entertainment

Professional Magician – „Variete Variete“ Eric & Andre Entertainment

Bambi - „Linie 1“ – Breisacher Freilichtspiele

At Legoland i have been involved in different types of shows, including; acting, stage stunts at different performance areas in this parc directed by Tom Ryser and others for Insglück GmbH

Professional Magician – Legoland

leading part in a childrensmusical
Jazz & Rockschule Freiburg Zeltmusikfestival and touring Germany-Switzerland

Company “La berbena de la paloma”
Hamburg + Guest Performance (direction: Arthur Castro)


television dance company – ARD + BR

team extreme IAA Frankfurt Mercedes

"Freiburger Dom" choir- ZDF Fernsehgarten

background actor– Ein Sommermärchen ZDF

teaching background:

Jazzdance, Moderndance, Ballet, Musical (children groups, youth groups, adult groups) i have been teaching several curses continusli and have also been teaching single workshops as well: Freiburger Stadtheater, Tanzwerkstatt Christina Ashton München, Dance Center Heidi Weber Freiburg, Tanzstudio STEP by STEP München, Schulzentrum Kirchzarten, Balett und Musical-school Korinna Söhn München, Body Up Diva Orleansplatz 3 München, E-M Ballett München, Mandolin Motions-Einstein Show Academy München

teaching background martial arts, Karate-Do, Kickboxing (children groups, youth groups, adult groups):
Towasan, Traditionelles Karate e.V.

Teaching Background juggling (children groups, youth groups):
Spielmobil Freiburg

teaching background magic and magic technique(children groups, youth groups):
Spielmobil Freiburg

teaching background stunteducation: Legoland

(personal) security: has taken place at numerous events

Freiburger Stadttheater
additional events

Munich Open– martial arts events

Nektar– Munich

Illusionist/professional magician/MC:

IHK, Alcon, Pearl, Konzerthaus Freiburg, Freiburger Stadtheater, italian consulat Freiburg, Europa Park, Legoland, different schools, Gala Shows, local festivals and privat partys

additional event:

qualifying people for a modeling agency

Member of the board of examiners for dance educators and musical performers - Mandolin Motions-Einstein Show

Tournament Referee for Kata & Kumite - Towasan Summer / Winter Tournament


Location manager (trainer for trainees, Training instructor for didactics, mats first aid and training content) in one of the most successful value-oriented martial arts schools in Germany

Towasan GmbH Grünwald (officially recognized educational institution, school of the year)